Recent Happenings – II

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Posting after about a month. So, what happened in the past one month with me? Read on…. In my Python learning quest, I have reached the most interesting and core part – OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Before that, I had been reading the functional programming part, which is also interesting in itself, but of course […]

Recent happenings

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Although I haven’t yet gotten out of the agony that I got on loosing my previous blog, I am finding this new place quite comfortable. Today, I was feeling like blogging here, after so much time. So, here are some events related to me take took place not too long ago: Granular 1.0 Preview was […]

Back to basics

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So, now I am finally back here, at my WordPress hosted blog. Prior to this, I had been enjoying the free quality services of AceSpace hosting company, which now seems to have been hacked or is down for some unknown reasons. What that means is, due to my utter negligence (of not backing up my […]

HALO – The movie

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Halo in theatres??? Its a dream come true for the game lovers especially for those who fully appreciated and enjoyed playing Halo 1 & 2. Believe it or not Halo movie is going to hit the theatres in 2007, according to the source. Based on a great storyline and thrilling adventures with mindblowing actions, this […]