Poem – Insaan

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I don’t write many Hindi poems, but this is one of those few. मैं जवान हूँ, मैं तूफ़ान हूँ. छू नहीं सकते तुम मुझे, मैं आसमान हूँ. दोस्तों का दोस्त हूँ, दुश्मनों के लिए हैवान हूँ. प्यार करते हैं लोग मुझे, मैं हर लड़की की जान हूँ. जाता हूँ जहाँ, मैं तो रंग जमा देता […]

What to Write Tonight

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Wrote this one last Sunday. A short story depicted as a poem. Having finished all work, I’m bored to the core. There’s no movie on TV, and no friends galore. A novel should I read, or a story should I write? Time’s in plenty, so I should write, but really, what to write tonight? Several […]

Human Errors

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This was a short poem I wrote when I was in 11th standard (+1 class) in school, that got published in a reputed English daily The Tribune‘s weekly supplement “Windows”. In spite of the fact that we are humans, The most superior and intelligent of all creatures. We make absurd mistakes, Which are nothing else […]

The Dark Defender

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My ode to Dexter in the form of a short poem. So impressed I was by the fifth episode of the second season “The Dark Defender” that I wanted to right something on the topic. And here it is. Secrets I hold, secrets untold. Secrets that protect you, let you be free. Seeing the innocent […]