Mihir Learns to Golf

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This micro-story was my first entry for a recent story writing contest at Accenture (results have yet to be declared). The contest was about writing a moral-supported tiny story based on a set of given pictures. I wrote mine around picture above, one of the six provided. It’s a cheesy kids’ story with a happy […]

Poem – Insaan

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I don’t write many Hindi poems, but this is one of those few. मैं जवान हूँ, मैं तूफ़ान हूँ. छू नहीं सकते तुम मुझे, मैं आसमान हूँ. दोस्तों का दोस्त हूँ, दुश्मनों के लिए हैवान हूँ. प्यार करते हैं लोग मुझे, मैं हर लड़की की जान हूँ. जाता हूँ जहाँ, मैं तो रंग जमा देता […]

What to Write Tonight

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Wrote this one last Sunday. A short story depicted as a poem. Having finished all work, I’m bored to the core. There’s no movie on TV, and no friends galore. A novel should I read, or a story should I write? Time’s in plenty, so I should write, but really, what to write tonight? Several […]