Hello, Automattic

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I cannot be happier to write my comeback post to say that I’ve joined Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.com. A8C is an open-source-focused, remote-first, distributed company that has many other cool products in its arsenal, like WooCommerce, Gravatar, Day One, and Tumblr. I’ve joined the WooCommerce division. Joining this wonderful bunch of like-minded people […]

India Women’s Cricket Team

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Some newspapers have dropped “women’s” from the team’s name while reporting news about them. The Morning Standard does that persistently. It has become very difficult to tell whether the team that’s being talked about–is it men’s or women’s. That, I think, is a good thing. It’s the real victory of journalism. We have finally accepted […]

Gadget Alert: Steam Deck 256GB

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So, I finally got it. Only because of my company’s generous travel program that earns you money when you travel for work (see Rocketrip). It’s not easy to get a Steam Deck in India: it’s officially not available yet. The ones available on Amazon are pretty expensive. After some research, I found a reasonably-priced Deck […]

Joys of jogging

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The lure of high-intensity workouts is such that we often ignore how doing something less intense but more consistently is likely better for our health. And how the media and other people extoll the virtues of HIIT and running doesn’t help either. My running regime lasted more than a couple of years. During that time, […]