Programmer. Researcher. Open-Source Evangelist.

Music lover. Science-fiction buff. Sports fan. Bookworm. Gamer. Gadget freak. Philatelist.

“I am all those things and none of those things. A better definition of me is ‘a guy with a lot of hobbies.’ Yep, that’s a more accurate thing to say.”

I love coding, and that’s what I do for a living. I have a bachelors in computer science from National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar (from where I graduated in 2009). My passion for computers and creating software has led me to learning several languages and frameworks. I am eternally fascinated by the ever-changing multiverse of computer programming. I live on the bleeding edge of technology, which means I am always ‘busy’ creating experiments.

I believe in the spirit of open-source, a philosophy whose ethos and values drive my software development style. I founded an OSS project called Granular Linux in 2006, something that I religiously ran (with help from others) until 2011 or so when my corporate job got the better of me. But through my participation at Unity Linux and OpenMandriva projects, I never felt really out-of-action.

The foundation of open-source is sharing. I apply open-source to real life through my endeavor to share any significant knowledge that I gain with others. I enjoy talking tech, teaching and taking sessions — basically anything in-person. When I’m not sharing in-person, you may find me writing tutorials on an off my blog.

My literary inclinations have engendered inside me a compulsion to read and write. For inexplicable reasons, I am attracted to the sweet smell of books when passing by bookstores at malls or on streets. Science-fiction, classics, thrillers and self-help books connect with me better than the sorts of, say, chicklit, biography or contemporary fiction. Thanks to my lovely wife I own a Kindle Paperwhite, but for me nothing beats the feel of a ‘real’ book. I have written a few short stories and poems, and have quite a few ideas in my ever-growing backlog for more of them. I have been secretly working on a sci-fi multi-part novel project since I was 15. God knows when I will finally muster the courage to put it down on paper word processor.

I guess the literary sorts are usually inspired by good music. I am no exception. Pop, classical music, symphonies and jazz fill me up with mysterious energy. Playing my guitar or piano soothes my soul. I am only learning but I can play well enough to enjoy the rhythms. Check out Justin Guitar if you are starting to learn the guitar. Justin’s an amazing teacher, also driven by the ethos of freedom and open-source.