Excited to play Portal 2

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Wow! I got my Portal 2 the next day of ordering it from an Indian online games store (nextworld.in). That was impressive!

Immediately after finishing Portal (the prequel), I wanted to play the sequel (ah yes, I knew at the time that a sequel was in the pipeline). Portal was damn good: a fun way of solving puzzles the FPS way. Now to get my hands on the live gameplay when I get the time to install it. 🙂

Headed for an entertaining weekend

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Dhobi Ghat
Dhobi Ghat

Aah… another weekend, another two blissful days of playing PC games, peacefully. An added bonus this weekend has to offer are the two movies I’ll be going out for. First one, which is going to be today (company-sponsored), is the critically acclaimed, short-&-sweet flick Dhobi Ghat. It is one of the serious-type drama films one watches mostly for the story, direction and acting. Next will be Yamla Pagla Deewana, tomorrow, sponsored by a dear friend Gagan Walia as his b’day treat. It’s been a week since YPD was released, and from what I’ve heard till now, it is going to be one light-hearted, mindless comedy meant to be enjoyed with gangs. 🙂

UPDATE 1: Dhobi Ghat was quite a different experience, but a nice film, though most people around me didn’t like it at all, perhaps for it’s abrupt ending.

UPDATE 2: My dear friend Gagan Walia didn’t hold to his promise of Yamla Pagla Deewana, and I didn’t get to see it. 🙁

What am I thinking?

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Generally, I am regarded as a first-hand troubleshooter. People consult me when I am nearby and their PC is giving some problem. And it hurts me so much when I am not able to solve that problem, like it happened in the morning today.

Narain Karthikeyan is back in Formula 1. That’s a good news. I think he deserves being a regular at F1. Anyway, this time he’s with the HRT (Hispania Racing Team), rather than Jordan for whom he raced previously (2005).

Planning to visit Landmark bookstore today, in Gurgaon, after a long time, as suggested by Aman Mehra.

I recently read a nice speech by P.R. Sarkar where he presents his views on the reasons behind the formation of nations. I could not help myself agreeing to the view that the demarcation of nations does not happen so much because of culture, religion, people, and race, as it does because of the “sentiment” governing one or more of these factors.

Have not done much [PC] gaming of late. I have yet to take out some time for an ‘extended’ gaming session. I have a lots of them waiting to be finished.

Unity logo
Unity logo

Upgraded my Fedora to v14 (Laughlin) a couple of days back. I am happy to see the wonderful changes since v11 (Leonidas). Will be installing Unity‘s latest (v2010.2) tonight.