Gadget Alert: Steam Deck 256GB

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So, I finally got it. Only because of my company’s generous travel program that earns you money when you travel for work (see Rocketrip). It’s not easy to get a Steam Deck in India: it’s officially not available yet. The ones available on Amazon are pretty expensive. After some research, I found a reasonably-priced Deck […]

Excited to play Portal 2

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Wow! I got my Portal 2 the next day of ordering it from an Indian online games store ( That was impressive! Immediately after finishing Portal (the prequel), I wanted to play the sequel (ah yes, I knew at the time that a sequel was in the pipeline). Portal was damn good: a fun way […]

Headed for an entertaining weekend

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Aah… another weekend, another two blissful days of playing PC games, peacefully. An added bonus this weekend has to offer are the two movies I’ll be going out for. First one, which is going to be today (company-sponsored), is the critically acclaimed, short-&-sweet flick Dhobi Ghat. It is one of the serious-type drama films one […]

What am I thinking?

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Generally, I am regarded as a first-hand troubleshooter. People consult me when I am nearby and their PC is giving some problem. And it hurts me so much when I am not able to solve that problem, like it happened in the morning today. Narain Karthikeyan is back in Formula 1. That’s a good news. […]