Hey, what’s up?

I am a computer programmer and this cozy little place is what I call (online) home. I love creating software to solve my own problems and have a tendency to get infinitely attracted to any reasonably cool SDK, platform, or framework. As you will find by yourself, I write a lot about these in my blog and on Twitter.

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  • Coding & Tech 💻 – software development quirks and technologies that interest me
  • Tutorials 👨‍💻 – I tend to frequently share interesting things I’ve learned
  • Projects & Experiments 🧪 – yeah, I’m that guy who’s always doing something
  • Public Speaking 📢 – I love to occasionally take the mic and speak about (mostly tech) stuff I’m passionate about
  • Open-Source ♾ – this world wouldn’t be a better place without it
  • Literary Pursuits 📚 – books I’ve read and stories/poems I’ve written
  • Music 🎸🎹 – as a wanna-be guitarist and pianist, I share music that inspires me
  • Life & Thoughts 🧘‍♂️ – small chapters from my life, lessons learned and random thoughts

What I’ve Been Upto Lately…

  • Gadget Alert: Steam Deck 256GB
    So, I finally got it. Only because of my company’s generous travel program that earns you money when you travel for work (see Rocketrip). It’s not easy to get a Steam Deck in India: it’s officially not available yet. The ones available on Amazon are pretty expensive. After some research, […]
  • Joys of jogging
    The lure of high-intensity workouts is such that we often ignore how doing something less intense but more consistently is likely better for our health. And how the media and other people extoll the virtues of HIIT and running doesn’t help either. My running regime lasted more than a couple […]
  • The incredible power of traveling
    It’s funny how in the morning you could be staring down at green valleys laden with colorful houses reflecting the newborn sun and in the evening back in your cozy home thinking about the cool morning in the mountains.
  • Gadget Alert: Keychron K2 Pro keyboard
    Will it put an end to my keyboard-craving? I hope so. I’m optimistic based on two days of using it. During my Europe trip last month, I was confused between an Apple Magic Keyboard, a Keychron, and a Nuphy Air75 (all similarly priced and 75% form factor). I finally settled […]
  • The Elements of Style — Book Review
    If you struggle to make your writing concise, give this short primer a read. But don’t be fooled by its length.