Hey, what’s up?

I am a computer programmer and this cozy little place is what I call (online) home. I love creating software to solve my own problems and have a tendency to get infinitely attracted to any reasonably cool SDK, platform, or framework. As you will find by yourself, I write a lot about these in my blog and on Twitter.

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  • Coding & Tech 💻 – software development quirks and technologies that interest me
  • Tutorials 👨‍💻 – I tend to frequently share interesting things I’ve learned
  • Projects & Experiments 🧪 – yeah, I’m that guy who’s always doing something
  • Public Speaking 📢 – I love to occasionally take the mic and speak about (mostly tech) stuff I’m passionate about
  • Open-Source ♾ – this world wouldn’t be a better place without it
  • Literary Pursuits 📚 – books I’ve read and stories/poems I’ve written
  • Music 🎸🎹 – as a wanna-be guitarist and pianist, I share music that inspires me
  • Life & Thoughts 🧘‍♂️ – small chapters from my life, lessons learned and random thoughts

What I’ve Been Upto Lately…

  • Book Review — Coming into the Country
    Cross-posted from Goodreads It’s said that Coming into the Country is one of the finest books on Alaska and wilderness ever written. That may be true, but I wouldn’t know as this is the only book on wilderness I’ve read. I picked up this book from The Tim Ferriss Show […]
  • Book Review — The Psychology of Money
    Cross-posted from Goodreads The book presents a collection of simple and neat ideas around how to think about managing your money. Notice my emphasis on “how to think about managing” rather than “how to manage.” I guess the title itself makes it abundantly clear that rather than discussing “proven” formulae […]
  • Hello, Automattic
    I cannot be happier to write my comeback post to say that I’ve joined Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.com. A8C is an open-source-focused, remote-first, distributed company that has many other cool products in its arsenal, like WooCommerce, Gravatar, Day One, and Tumblr. I’ve joined the WooCommerce division. Joining this […]
  • Ep. 5: Micro Frontends Architecture in Practice Pt. 2 w/ Rakesh Menon & Gautam Chadha
    This is the second part of a two-part series. This episode is hosted by AnuRock. In the last episode we were joined by Rakesh and Gautam to talk about micro frontends. We discussed the origins of micro frontends and dissected its various integration approaches. Today we will continue our discussion […]
  • Ep. 4: Micro Frontends Architecture in Practice Pt. 1 w/ Rakesh Menon & Gautam Chadha
    This is the first part of a two-part series. To be continued in Ep. 5. This episode is hosted by AnuRock. Today we are joined by Rakesh and Gautam to talk about micro frontends. Rakesh Menon is a Senior Experience Technology Architect and a polyglot developer who specializes in JavaScript. […]