Hey, what’s up?

I am a computer programmer and this cozy little place is what I call (online) home. I love creating software to solve my own problems and have a tendency to get infinitely attracted to any reasonably cool SDK, platform, or framework. As you will find by yourself, I write a lot about these in my blog and on Twitter.

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  • Coding & Tech 💻 – software development quirks and technologies that interest me
  • Tutorials 👨‍💻 – I tend to frequently share interesting things I’ve learned
  • Projects & Experiments 🧪 – yeah, I’m that guy who’s always doing something
  • Public Speaking 📢 – I love to occasionally take the mic and speak about (mostly tech) stuff I’m passionate about
  • Open-Source ♾ – this world wouldn’t be a better place without it
  • Literary Pursuits 📚 – books I’ve read and stories/poems I’ve written
  • Music 🎸🎹 – as a wanna-be guitarist and pianist, I share music that inspires me
  • Life & Thoughts 🧘‍♂️ – small chapters from my life, lessons learned and random thoughts

What I’ve Been Upto Lately…

  • Progress occurs over time, really long time
    It’s easy to see pessimistic and destructive events that happen within a short span of time. But it’s difficult to see – or imagine – the good stuff happening over a span of decades.
  • The promise of a new beginning tomorrow
    The setting sun leaves in its wake a visual spectacle for our eyes to feast on. It is a testament that the best things in life are free and cannot be bought with money. The sun bids us farewell with a promise to return tomorrow, a promise it has been keeping for the last billions of days. Whether tomorrow will be a better day is then up to us, but a new beginning is guaranteed.
  • Have realistic expectations and aim for inner peace
    Setting the right goals and expectations is key to living a good life. Often we set unrealistic goals and later get disappointed when we fail to achieve them.
  • Say yes now and figure it out later
    Richard Branson believes in saying yes to new ideas and learning on the job. Experience and a passion for learning make taking risks easier and more rewarding.
  • Time-boxing a necessary evil in today’s knowledge work?
    Time-blocking is a productivity hack where your day is divided into task blocks. While it boosts productivity, it can feel heavy and affect mental well-being. Balance is key.