Hey, what’s up?

I am a computer programmer and this cozy little place is what I call (online) home. I love creating software to solve my own problems and have a tendency to get infinitely attracted to any reasonably cool SDK, platform, or framework. As you will find by yourself, I write a lot about these in my blog and on Twitter.

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  • Coding & Tech 💻 – software development quirks and technologies that interest me
  • Tutorials 👨‍💻 – I tend to frequently share interesting things I’ve learned
  • Projects & Experiments 🧪 – yeah, I’m that guy who’s always doing something
  • Public Speaking 📢 – I love to occasionally take the mic and speak about (mostly tech) stuff I’m passionate about
  • Open-Source ♾ – this world wouldn’t be a better place without it
  • Literary Pursuits 📚 – books I’ve read and stories/poems I’ve written
  • Music 🎸🎹 – as a wanna-be guitarist and pianist, I share music that inspires me
  • Life & Thoughts 🧘‍♂️ – small chapters from my life, lessons learned and random thoughts

What I’ve been up to lately…

  • Be intentionally uncomfortable to grow
    You do not get a great body without gradually increasing your workout intensity so it feels slightly uncomfortable at each gear shift.
  • Can we learn to be curious?
    Curiosity cannot be taught. But it also isn’t something one must be born with to have it. One can learn to be curious by making slight shifts in their habits and mindset.
  • 37
    I turned 37 years old today. Emphasis on the word ‘old.’ Despite being physically fit, I sometimes feel limited by what I can and cannot do. Too much walking – my legs start hurting. Too much tennis – I drop dead on arriving home. Nevertheless, it’s how we age. I… Read more: 37
  • The meaning of words isn’t fixed
    The meaning of words isn’t fixed. It evolves. The faster we adapt, the more degrees of freedom we gain to express ourselves more clearly.
  • Junk food and junk content are robbing us of our potential
    Like junk food, ultra-processed junk content is highly addictive, adds zero value, and makes us mentally sick. It robs us of our true potential by luring us into giving away our most valuable asset – time.