WordPress: Internal Server Error (500) after moving to new location

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You follow the official WordPress migration documentation and still end up with the dreaded internal server error. This little incident launches you into panic mode. You spend the next 30-60 mins googling a fix for this godforsaken situation. Most of the solutions you come across mention something about fixing/deleting your .htaccess file. Alas, that doesn’t work […]

Running opentaps in Windows

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So I’m playing around with opentaps these days. It runs pretty neatly in Linux. Simply executing a shell script it comes with autostarts a built-in Tomcat server and runs the darn thing without a hitch. opentaps under Windows is another animal! Although opentaps comes with a similar batch script for Windows, the thing doesn’t run […]

Sencha Touch: Accessing a remote API that is under Basic Authentication

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ST makes it pretty straightforward to access webservices or APIs through its various data proxies and Ext.Ajax. But consuming an API protected under basic authentication can be tricky. Both data proxies and Ext.Ajax provide setUsername() and setPassword() methods, and they work fine on most browsers. But in my experience using these methods, I had big […]