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Generally, I am regarded as a first-hand troubleshooter. People consult me when I am nearby and their PC is giving some problem. And it hurts me so much when I am not able to solve that problem, like it happened in the morning today.

Narain Karthikeyan is back in Formula 1. That’s a good news. I think he deserves being a regular at F1. Anyway, this time he’s with the HRT (Hispania Racing Team), rather than Jordan for whom he raced previously (2005).

Planning to visit Landmark bookstore today, in Gurgaon, after a long time, as suggested by Aman Mehra.

I recently read a nice speech by P.R. Sarkar where he presents his views on the reasons behind the formation of nations. I could not help myself agreeing to the view that the demarcation of nations does not happen so much because of culture, religion, people, and race, as it does because of the “sentiment” governing one or more of these factors.

Have not done much [PC] gaming of late. I have yet to take out some time for an ‘extended’ gaming session. I have a lots of them waiting to be finished.

Unity logo
Unity logo

Upgraded my Fedora to v14 (Laughlin) a couple of days back. I am happy to see the wonderful changes since v11 (Leonidas). Will be installing Unity‘s latest (v2010.2) tonight.

Recent happenings

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Although I haven’t yet gotten out of the agony that I got on loosing my previous blog, I am finding this new place quite comfortable. Today, I was feeling like blogging here, after so much time. So, here are some events related to me take took place not too long ago:

  1. Granular 1.0 Preview was released on 14th March 2008. Check out the release annoucnement here. I am quite happy with this release and so are rest of the Team Granular members who put the real efforts in making this release possible. So far, the reaction of the users who have tried this release has been nice and as expected. Another good news related to the release came when its official torrent became the featured torrent at our tracker linuxtracker.org. Check out the torrent here.
  2. My journey of learning a couple of programming languages resumed after the latest Granular release. I am now continuing my Python book from where I left it and sharpening my HTML/XHTML concepts simultaneously. Starting from today, I have also started a book on Java (damn, you cannot be called even a “computer guy” without learning this language!).
  3. Windows Vista SP1 has been released and it’s on my download schedule for this weekend.
  4. Apart from the programming books, these days I am reading a little nice novel by John Grisham. The name of the novel is Skipping Christmas. Till now, I have found this book a real worth-a-read.
  5. Yesterday, I took out some time to resume playing my favorite game – Half-Life 2.

More to talk later. 🙂