Upgraded to #Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) on the day of the release! Subtle changes look nice. There do not seem to be any major changes, though.

Just got my ticket for #nextjsconf by @vercel, claim yours!

Let's make the Web. Faster.


Book Review — The Pragmatic Programmer https://anuragbhandari.com/literary-pursuits/book-review-the-pragmatic-programmer-1861/

Structured Entertainment — An experiment in fulfillment and productivity https://anuragbhandari.com/life-thoughts/structured-entertainment-an-experiment-in-fulfillment-and-productivity-1857/

Agile is an adjective, not a textbook https://anuragbhandari.com/coding-tech/agile-is-an-adjective-not-a-textbook-1853/

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