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Dear @rogerfederer. I couldn’t watch your last match live, but catching up on highlights and watching you play the way you did, it felt wrong to see you go. You clearly have so much left to give to the game. Anyway, wishing you the very best. You are the greatest ever! #Federer

If there's one thing you watch today, make it this.

#LaverCup | @rogerfederer

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Shoutout to @ASUS_ROG for their #Zephyrus G14 2021. It's a solid machine capable of handling the most demanding of loads. It's still comfortably relevant in 2022. Mine is three months old and I'm loving it! #DaVinciResolve #Games #Steam #60fps

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Is it just me or http://goodreads.com is a terribly slow website for everyone else?

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