Sony WH-1000XM3. At last! Finally! #music #byebyenoise #wirelessfreedom #focus

Once you start creating with @tailwindcss, you'll never want to go back to vanilla CSS again. #DeveloperHappiness #UtilityFirst #MobileFirst

She couldn’t sleep for 2 days because she misses him. I couldn’t sleep for 4 days because I missed a “;” #coderproblems

.@AppleMusic I'm a long time user & fan of Apple Music. The web app, which is out of beta now, is unpredictable and bug-ridden. I keep getting these issues all the time. I'd appreciate if I could enjoy the service in non-Mac environments (eg. Chrome on Linux).


The only reason why @GooglePay @PhonePe_ are so far ahead of @NPCI_BHIM is not UX (OK fingerprint sensor!) but cashback.

They are nice but Bhim is no slouch. Their latest one click scan is brilliant! No super app. Razor Sharp Uber like focus on payment use case.

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