#Chernobyl the HBO mini-series is a marvel in story-telling. Despite its dark and grim theme, I was hooked from ep. 1. It's truly a collection of related stories that need telling. Hats off as well to the memorable performances by its wonderful cast. 10/10

Did someone else also notice something funny with the default font in #macOS #Catalina?

Now on macOS Catalina 😄

The charm of functional programming https://t.co/dHyIeOaJRa #JavaScript #FunctionalProgramming #FP

After reading this lesson about XMLHttpRequest, I like it more now (because of its features). But the lesson itself expects me to like it less (it favors Fetch). Ironical? https://t.co/RxOP9wSIiA #JavaScript #XHR #Ajax

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