Since I moved from the cheapest @digitalocean droplet to the cheapest @ContaboCom VPS, I have yet to see the out of memory issue because of MySQL. Yay!

All the chatter in frontend tech forums seems to be more about the technology (library/framework) than the problems that need to be solved.

Frontend engineering doesn't deserve to be reduced to React/Vue/Angular cults... All this energy needs to be focused on building solutions.

Got myself a treat: Logitech MX Keys keyboard and G304 mouse. There are both dreamy good.

I use Linux 95% of the time on my laptop. The 5% of the time when I do use Windows, I ALWAYS get stuck in the you-cannot-kill-it Windows Update trap. #WindowsSucks

Part 1 of the 2-part podcast on Micro-frontends

Gautam Chadha (@NULLisObject)
Rakesh Menon (@rakeshmenon13)

Host: @AnuragBhandari

#frontend #javascript #microfrontend

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