What looks like success is often just patience.

Book Review — Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century https://anuragbhandari.com/literary-pursuits/book-review-nikola-tesla-imagination-and-the-man-that-invented-the-20th-century-1881/

Book Review — The Book Thief https://anuragbhandari.com/literary-pursuits/book-review-the-book-thief-1878/

Frontend performance automation that finally makes sense (goes beyond page load metrics 😀) - with Lighthouse!!

#FrontEndDevelopment #javascript https://twitter.com/____lighthouse/status/1455941441390366731


Introducing Lighthouse for user flows: drive your page with a Puppeteer script and have Lighthouse measure and audit performance at every step: http://web.dev/lighthouse-user-flows

Mac performance / battery life tip:

Tell Spotlight to ignore the folder where you store source code.

Especially important for #JavaScript devs due to node_modules!

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