India Women’s Cricket Team

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Some newspapers have dropped “women’s” from the team’s name while reporting news about them. The Morning Standard does that persistently. It has become very difficult to tell whether the team that’s being talked about–is it men’s or women’s. That, I think, is a good thing. It’s the real victory of journalism. We have finally accepted […]


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I had been tweeting more than blogging these days. But anyway, I had been publishing what I want to say quite regularly. Frustrated of getting tonnes of spam on the Granular Package Archive everyday, I finally fixed the issue today, once and for all. This had been a long time pending task. I did this […]

Quick Updates

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The Downloads page here has been updated by new stuff, like a report-cum-seminar on Introduction to Linux – A beginner’s approach. I have also updated the Resume page with the latest version of my resume. Further updates have come in the Movies section too, with myself giving my views and reviews on the about the […]