The Forbidden Kingdom Movie

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I have since long been a fan of martial arts and kung-fu movies. Before watching this one, I had heard a lot of good things, particularly about its comedy. I got to see this movie today, and I must say what a watch it was.

Right from the beginning till the end, the movie was entertaining. This has to be one of the best Jackie Chan movies I’ve ever seen. Plotted in an ancient, mystical world, it had everything to be remembered for a long time. Although a bit predictive at times, the story was overall good. But I guess the “predictive” nature of the movie in my mind could just be because I’ve seen these type of movies in the past, like Lord of the Rings and alike (in terms of story).

And yes, the comedy was indeed good, if not the best, especially Jackie Chan scenes. And those of Jet Li too. Did I say Jet Li (that serious looking guy)? Yup, Jet Li was all impressive with his martial arts and a little bit of humor.

I would conclude my sayings on this movie by the very much cliched statement “It is a must watch!”, especially if you are an adventure & comedy lover, though I wish the martial art scenes were a little better and more realistic, especially the “kick-in-the-air” ones. But you don’t have to conclude anything with this point of mine; the martial arts fight scenes were incredible. 🙂

The Forbidden Kingdom will certainly go down in history as a very good Chinese fantastical story based movie.

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