I Woke Up

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Today, early in the morning, it was a bad weather outside; an overcast sky. Then I thought things like this could happen if you need to get up to get ready for school, college or office in such a bad weather:

I woke up in the morning and it was darkness still,
the darkness was accompanied by a mystic chill.
I wondered if it were the clouds that blocked the sunlight,
and made the day look like it was still night.

I saw the time and found I was five minutes early to wake,
So I slipped back into the blanket, reminiscent of a snake.
And when I was asleep again, somone into my room sneaked in,
he turned on my PC and deleted my data to the Recycle Bin.

He then realized he did a mistake and work was not complete,
he corrected it with an evil smile and a Shift+Delete.
I cried out loudly as I didn’t have a backup,
and then, thankfully, I woke up.

Me and my bottle of Mountain Dew

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Just a little senseless story I conjured up while filling my water bottle yesterday.

Once upon a time, I had a green pet bottle of Mountain Dew. I had it as my water bottle since one month. But one day, when the bottle was lying on a table, away from my eyes, somebody stole it; he must have been cruel enough. That made me very unhappy; I was sad for my lose. The next day, I went to the shop to buy a new bottle of Mountain Dew. I drank it day and night. I drank it in the morning instead of my daily milk glass, I drank it in the afternoon with my lunch, I drank it in the evening with my dinner, drank it when I felt thirsty, and even did my gargles with it. Then one day, Mountain Dew in that bottle finally got finished. I rejoiced. I immediately took it to the water cooler, washed it, and filled it with water. We have been living happily ever after.