Going to begin a new life

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I got my Accenture (India) joining letter last week, the thing I had been waiting for so long. I am going to join Accenture on the 31st of August 2009 in Bangalore. And contrary to many predictions that Accenture joining for new recruits would be delayed this year due to the global economic recession, we (me and my college mates) got it on time. But well, I still feel like wishing we had gotten the joining letter a bit later. Maybe that’s because this is the first time I am going to step out of my home for long. So although I am very excited about beginning my first job, I am going to sourly miss the comfort of my home at the same time.

In all probability, during my initial days at office, I would be without an Internet connection (damn!), a TV (where would I watch sports?), my (sweet) PC, a fridge (?), and many more of those comforts at wherever I get to live. On the other hand, some things to cheer about include the pleasant weather of Bangalore and the company of few of my college friends.

I hope it all goes well in Bangalore. With this, I wish myself good luck in my quest to begin a new life. 🙂