Left Right Left is over now

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It’s over and so early? Well, this was the only TV programme that I used to see on a regular basis, except C.I.D. Really, if you ask me, I am a bit sad to see the programme get over so early, it had begun just about 2 years ago, three seasons and it’s over.

It was yet another quality show from the well known dj’s interactive. It’s a known fact that good shows end on time, and that’s what happened to LRL. The same happened to Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin (a previous popular dj’s show) a few years back. Although instead of pulling the story pointlessly it’s a good idea to end the show with honor, LRL deserved a few more seasons. There was no doubt about it being still one of the coolest and popular shows in India, and had a totally different storyline.

The show is being replaced by yet another dj’s venture – Jugni Challi Jalandhar (Jalandhar? Hey, that’s my town!). Let’s see what special does it have that it was able to replace LRL.

My favorite show, of the recent times, is over now. LRL, I’ll always miss you!