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Stack Overflow is an interesting place. I have never really used my SO account, other than to ask a couple of meteor.js questions. That was 4 years ago! SO is something I visit almost everyday. I know you do that too, so keep that condescending smirk to yourself will ya? I think time has come […]

Hosting meteor.js app in IIS

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Making reactive and real-time web applications is in fashion these days. Among popular real-time programming frameworks are meteor.js, knockout.js and signalr. Both Knockout and SignalR are developed by Microsoft employees, and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft products. Meteor, on the other hand, is though based on the cross-platform node.js, it is more Linux / Mac-centric than […]

MongoDB is super fun

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If, like me, you were born under the zodiac sign of The Web, and are a seasoned JSON-weilding web developer, MongoDB will amuse you like nothing. As weird as the name sounds, the actual usage experience is awesome because of its JSON-like commands. And clubbed with meteor.js, it is nothing short of legendary. It’s sweet!