Ep. 2: Why Your Next App Should Be In Flutter w/ Giri

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This episode is hosted by AnuRock. Today we are joined by Venkata Giribabu Jeedigunta to talk about Flutter. Giri is a manager experience technology with a diverse skillset and experience across the full stack. He’s been a Flutter enthusiast and advocate ever since finding it and falling in love with it a couple of years ago.

He joins us to talk about why Flutter is better than the competition and share practical tips from his own experience in developing Flutter apps.


  • Flutter introduction
  • Pixel perfection
  • Flutter vs. React Native
  • Tooling
  • Dart
  • Best practices for creating Flutter apps
  • Design to code – Adobe XD
  • Where to learn Flutter

Quick Snip:

Why you should write functional components with hooks in React over class components

Side Bytes:

  • Scam 1992: Harshad Mehta Story
  • Webpack 5 module federation
  • Nx – devtools for monorepos

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Hero animations in Flutter are dead simple

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When I was learning React Native, I was sort of super-impressed by its emphasis on animations. We all know how critical animations are in creating experiences that users actually like. RN has a profound Animated API and loads of examples on creating custom animations. There’s only one problem: adding beyond-simple animations is tricky and a lot of work.

I remember coming across this neat and detailed Medium article by Jiří Otáhal on creating Hero animations, becoming immediately excited, writing it down in my ‘urgent’ TODO list, and then never ever actually following it up. It was considerable amount of work, and I just couldn’t put myself together for the task.

Today when I was learning about animations in Flutter (AppBrewery course), I was friggingly relieved to know how easy it is to achieve the same here. See the screenshot below. Get what I mean?

Hero animations in Flutter.
These are transition animations on a shared object (widget) when navigating from one screen to another.

Of course, the RN animation tutorial that I linked earlier tries to achieve a more profound goal. But, clearly, in Flutter we have a better starting point.

Happy coding. Talk to you in the next one 🤘.