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I had been tweeting more than blogging these days. But anyway, I had been publishing what I want to say quite regularly.

Frustrated of getting tonnes of spam on the Granular Package Archive everyday, I finally fixed the issue today, once and for all. This had been a long time pending task. I did this by integrating reCaptcha.

Saw Toy Story last week. Loved it! My favorite dialog? – “To infinity and beyond”.

India’s Cricket tour of West Indies starts just three days from now.

I am missing Granular development a lot; hopefully I’ll be able to continue development within a week or so. Meanwhile, the artwork team (Granuminati) had been doing some great stuff.

Still reading The Fountainhead (by Ayn Rand) since months now. I am a sloooow reader when it comes to philosophy novels. Anyway, I have started with the part 3 of novel based on Gail Wynand.

Finally did the dreaded Drupal update for granularproject.org.

Power cuts here, in Punjab, are getting worse day-by-day. 7 hour cuts are a norm these days.