Delightful professional (free) music by Joseph McDade

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When I was looking for intro music to use in Dev Blabber podcast series, I came across Joseph McDade‘s work which was recommended by a famous podcaster. As one can see on his website, he’s produced only a handful of tracks. But each one of them is literally high-quality and professional. Clearly, a lot of effort and hardwork has went into creating such fantastic pieces. Hats off to the guy 👏🏻.

I ended up picking On The Verge, an ambient-rock piece from his first batch. Go check it out. And while you are there, check out his other tracks as well. If not for creative use, then for your own enjoyment.

60 Years Of Bollywood Part II

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They are back on public demand! There first edition was so good that I spent one and a half hour transcribing it. So, have they bettered it this time? Well, this one is different–both in terms of focus and chords. The focus is on singing (what an incredible alaap on Roja song!). The chord progressions are a little different as well. I could see a lot of sharps and flats this time.

At some places, consecutive songs were so similar that they felt like the same song (not necessarily a good thing). Overall, a good second part, sung with difficult songs.