Pedal Steel Guitar

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So, it’s called a Pedal Steel Guitar. Haven’t we all heard the sound of this strange instrument in countless country songs as well as in Hawaiian music? It sounds like a sad, rustic violin, but I was sure it wasn’t a violin. Today, I got my answer. Watch this (at time 1:38) to see and […]

60 Years Of Bollywood Part II

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They are back on public demand! There first edition was so good that I spent one and a half hour transcribing it. So, have they bettered it this time? Well, this one is different–both in terms of focus and chords. The focus is on singing (what an incredible alaap on Roja song!). The chord progressions […]

Mad World

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It’s a mad world we live in, isn’t it? I just cannot get this charming, haunting song out of my head whenever I listen to it. Practising it on guitar just takes me to another world. I found Charles Eagleson’s cover pretty damn nice. He has a good voice as well!