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I turned 37 years old today. Emphasis on the word ‘old.’ Despite being physically fit, I sometimes feel limited by what I can and cannot do. Too much walking – my legs start hurting. Too much tennis – I drop dead on arriving home. Nevertheless, it’s how we age. I am fortunate to find myself in good health overall.

I am also grateful for being surrounded by my closest family members on my birthday. We returned a few minutes after a nice evening at Ambience Mall Gurgaon. It was shopping followed by dinner at a mall that has aged so well with time.

I received exciting gifts earlier today, a Kindle Oasis and an LED projector among them. I was also treated with two delicious cakes – chocolate hazelnut and mango cheesecake (lovingly homemade by my wife).

P.S. The all-important Germany vs. Spain Euro 2024 game is on and I am rooting for Germany as usual (while wearing Germany’s pink away jersey). The match is in extra time after a 1-1. Spain have just scored a second (nooooooo!).

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