HALO – The movie

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HALO Movie

Halo in theatres??? Its a dream come true for the game lovers especially for those who fully appreciated and enjoyed playing Halo 1 & 2. Believe it or not Halo movie is going to hit the theatres in 2007, according to the source. Based on a great storyline and thrilling adventures with mindblowing actions, this movie will surely strike the box-office. Unbelieivable, but believe it!!!

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  1. That is soooooo freakin awsome. I mean the game ff7was made for great storyline but HALO?!? Ican’t wait for it 2 come out in theatres!!

  2. Hell ya. I cant
    Wait heard form secret contact that its
    Going to be out
    With the game
    It self!

  3. I cant wait for this to come alive in theaters and im still wondering tho what the date is going to be????

  4. haah its 08 and no movie

  5. The movie’s release has been delayed to 2011, according to IMDb.

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