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Tom (aka Kurakroma and cbar2 on Granular Community Forum) was a very active member of the forum and one of the global mods there too. He used to be the live wire of the forum, and had a very keen mind which he utilized in discovering new things and putting forward questions, and sometimes trying to help people facing problems using Granular (or Linux in general). But under some circumstances not known to the Team Granular members, he left the forums quietly; not leaving even a single message of this sudden action of his.

Just recently, some one at the Granular forum put forward a question asking whether we owned the .co.uk domain of Granular Linux, perhaps the British community of Granular (no, we don’t own any such domain)? On checking which link he was referring to, we were quite surprised to find out there indeed existed a .co.uk domain of Granular.

Check it out for yourself. Rest is self-explanatory. Boy, what a way of expressing his regret. Let me assure you Tom, all your apologies are accepted. And all our doors are still open for you. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Apologies accepted

  1. Aww shucks, it looks like that link is dead now. So I guess it does need a bit of explanation..

  2. @spiralofhope
    I checked the link out again for myself too. Yes, it seems it’s broken now. Maybe I should have kept a screenshot of it because that would have been something worth for people to see, really.

  3. It seems the owner of the domain granularlinux.co.uk is using his home server for hosting his site. The site is back online now. 🙂

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