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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared on Adam Grant’s ReThinking podcast, so I naturally got excited to hear his thoughts. Sadly, the episode sounded more like an opportunity to humble-brag rather than share genuine leadership wisdom. This was despite Grant noting that they would not be discussing politics. Sorry, Adam, it did sound a bit political to me, as if Trudeau was out to improve his approval ratings by appearing on popular podcasts and appealing to intellectuals.

The one leadership advice that stuck out in this episode, amid the boastfest, was the idea how a good leader enjoys bringing out the best in others and how that mission can be the biggest motivation to carry on with the difficult job of being a leader.

I learned two other things:

  1. Trudeau’s father was also a prime minister.
  2. Justin talks rapid-fire, non-stop, without a breath. He should have been a news anchor or radio jockey.
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