Back to basics

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So, now I am finally back here, at my WordPress hosted blog. Prior to this, I had been enjoying the free quality services of AceSpace hosting company, which now seems to have been hacked or is down for some unknown reasons. What that means is, due to my utter negligence (of not backing up my databases from my AceSpace account in time), I have lost all my old posts, all the comments, the list of friends, and everything I had on my AceSpace account. Damn, I even lost all that hard earned reputation that I had built in the so-called “blog-o-sphere” using that site. 🙁

This implies that, unless I get my AceSpace website back, or get some other good webhosting service with my desired domain name, I am here to blog, to spit out rants, to relax, to enjoy. 🙂

Anyway, I am hoping to find some new friends here with my new posts, and hoping to see some new comments. 😉

From now, expect me to visit this blog of mine often enough to become regular in posting new entries.

Hey, do you like this new design (of my blog)?

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