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It’s been a week now since my Accenture training got over. Now, my real office work has started.

Missing my friends (back in Bangalore) that I made during my Accenture training there.

Waiting desperately to get my hands on an Internet connection at home. I’ll go with either of Airtel broadband or BSNL EVDO.

My CAT exam is on 29th November. Will be going virtually without preparation. Let’s see what happens.

Will resume my Granular development as soon as I get an Internet connection. Meanwhile, the Unity Project has been going good, as it would seem.

After losing their bilateral Cricket series to Australia, I hope India will perform a lot better in their next series (India vs Sri Lanka), scheduled to start on 16th November.

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  1. hey man, forget the EVDO, practically useless so is the 3.1GBps offerings from both reliance and tata. best bet is get the Rs. 1300/- monthly unlimited by Airtel Broadband awesome speed.

  2. Hmm… The best suited plan in Airtel was 749 one. But they scrapped it just a week ago. I wanted it so much that I even called one of their representatives to my office. But when he told me of the discontinuation of 749 plan, I showed him the way to door.Anyway, got my EVDO today. 🙂

  3. well then, i hope you can live with the speeds.

  4. The EVDO speed is good in Jalandhar. It should be at least like this in Gurgaon, I hope.

  5. Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

  6. Well, I tested it at my place in Gurgaon. Guess what? It worked like a charm. Performance was seemingly better than BSNL DataOne 2 Mbps. 😀

  7. hello,anurag sir…this is jyoti tiwari got selected in accenture,joining date is 26 nov 2014..i am little anxious about training..what all we get..is it tough or easy??…how i can cleared all test??..how many test are there in training period,please clear my doubts…reply as soon as possible

  8. @Jyoti – don’t worry too much. The training and associated tests are not tough. With a little focus and studying, you’ll be able to clear them all easily.

    I’m not sure how it’s like today, but during my time we had 3 tests during Foundation training and 2 in Stream training. Plus 1 exit test.

  9. Hi Anurag,

    I’ve got ASP.NET as my stream and my initial training is in Bangalore.
    Are there .NET projects in Bangalore or will they reloacte??

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