Fascinated by opinionated frameworks

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Prettier - The Opinionated Code Formatter

Reading the Rails Doctrine the first time was refreshing. I have gone through it half a dozen times post that. After writing a production-grade project based on Ruby on Rails, something got awoken in me — a fascination for opinionated frameworks. Rails is not the only opinionated framework; there are perhaps a hundred others out there. It’s one of the best and most respected for sure.

An opinionated framework is one that, rather than letting a developer pick her or his choice of building blocks (libraries, components, structure, etc.), cockily comes with a pre-selected building blocks and dictates what to use and how. One may love them or hate them, but they definitely reduce development time exponentially. That’s, at least, true for me.

Today I chanced upon Prettier – an opinionated code formatter with lots of assumptions and only a few customization options, the sort of thing I’d love. It’d be nice to have a powerful tool by my side that could take care of the arduous task of keeping my code nicely formatted all the time, even when it might be at the cost of my own style of coding. I am mostly willing to sacrifice coding style for speed.

I’ll try using it extensively in a personal project. If I have something bad to report, you’ll see another blog post here. If not, it’ll be for the good of Prettier 😉

Trying out Ruby on Rails

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I never imagined this day would come. I am finally trying to catch up with the RoR phenomenon. And I am at least 8-10 years late. Teaching enterprise software development made me appreciate a strict adherence to coding best practices even more. That’s where Rail’s philosophy got me interested, especially its Convention over Configuration doctrine.

What this means is I will have to learn Ruby first! I’ve heard a lot of “Ruby is a fun language”, “Ruby is perfect for beginners”, and what not. Coming from a Python background, I had personally never felt the need of checking out Ruby. I do not aspire to become a language ninja. Java, C#, JavaScript, Python and PHP are good enough for me. For me they serve different purposes and I love them all. Can Ruby become my latest muse? Let’s see in the next few days.

Right now I’m readying my Visual Studio Code to support RoR apps better. I found this cool extension for the purpose. Haven’t installed it yet, though.