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Blogging after quite some time.

  • Been busy recently with making certain important decisions about the future of Granular Project.
  • My temporary obssession of packaging RPMs has returned. Packaging updates and new RPMs since a few days now.
  • I try to start each day with studying, but miss it. The I try again to study after returning from college, miss it again. Completely frustrated because of that.
  • Playing table tennis (TT) continuously since past two weeks. Beginning to realize excess of everything is bad. :Sigh: why TT is so addictive?
  • Trying to complete all tasks in my long to-do list. Completed quite a few (and got some satisfaction), but most of them are still pending. God knows when I’ll be able to finish them.
  • March ’09 has been quite a happening month till now for me. Expecting more to come in next few days.
  • Changed the blog’s theme to iNove.