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Blogging after quite some time.

  • Been busy recently with making certain important decisions about the future of Granular Project.
  • My temporary obssession of packaging RPMs has returned. Packaging updates and new RPMs since a few days now.
  • I try to start each day with studying, but miss it. The I try again to study after returning from college, miss it again. Completely frustrated because of that.
  • Playing table tennis (TT) continuously since past two weeks. Beginning to realize excess of everything is bad. :Sigh: why TT is so addictive?
  • Trying to complete all tasks in my long to-do list. Completed quite a few (and got some satisfaction), but most of them are still pending. God knows when I’ll be able to finish them.
  • March ’09 has been quite a happening month till now for me. Expecting more to come in next few days.
  • Changed the blog’s theme to iNove.

3 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. iNove is nice one !! Still there are 10 more days left for month end so wish you best luck for coming !!

  2. Yep, still 10 more days to go. Thanks for the good wish. Wish you too a happy future time. 🙂

    iNove suits me very well, and is faster than my previous theme, Stardust. Just on take, I think I’ll have to manually add the blogroll list to the sidebar. Hey btw, how about a link exchange?

  3. Yup Inove Theme works pretty great. I am running on the same theme.

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