Fixing iPod’s messed up album art issue

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Accessing the songs in your iPhone or iPod Touch through an application other than iTunes might get the album (cover) art of some or all of your songs completely messed up. Messed up as in missing or mismatched album arts. This happened to me when I played certain iPod songs in Banshee and Rhythmbox (music players for Linux). If you’ve gotten in a similam situation, here’s what to do to fix it.

The trick is to play each and every song in your collection in iTunes (with a bad album art) for a few seconds. Yes, it may turn out to be a time-consuming and lengthy process, but the only way to fix the issue. If you have a super-huge collection of songs, then God save you. 😉

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What am I thinking?

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Apple App Store
Apple App Store

Finally the Apple App Store has crossed the outrageous figure of 10 billion app downloads. Well, with the increasing adoption of Apple devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), one would have seen this coming. The 10 billion figure can be a little misleading as it probably includes app update downloads and app re-downloads which contribute to a major part of the aggregate downloads. Whatever it maybe, I was also a significant (lol) contributor with 50 or so apps download on my iPod Touch.

Just thinking about Oracle already infuriates me enough that I sometimes fancy smashing my computer screen when I read about yet another news about Oracle suing somebody. It has become such a suing machine that I doubt it bought Sun primarily for suing others for purported copyright infringements of Sun’s various products. And what’s worse about Orcale is instead of building on (or at least maintaining) Sun’s reputation as an open-source promoter and leader, they are shamelessly destroying it. OpenSolaris and OpenOffice have already got their shares of apathy from Oracle. I wonder what’s next. MySQL? Solaris? Shame on you, Orcale!

The Hobbit
The Hobbit

And finally, I was able to make use of my Landmark discount coupon (I won in a caption contest in office). On Friday, I bought two books – The Hobbit (There And Back Again) and To Cut a Long Story Short. Now, to finish my on-going reads and get to The Hobbit fast before the release of the movie (Peter Jackson‘s) next year. Talking about the movie, I am excited about it. 🙂