Fixing iPod’s messed up album art issue

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Accessing the songs in your iPhone or iPod Touch through an application other than iTunes might get the album (cover) art of some or all of your songs completely messed up. Messed up as in missing or mismatched album arts. This happened to me when I played certain iPod songs in Banshee and Rhythmbox (music players for Linux). If you’ve gotten in a similam situation, here’s what to do to fix it.

The trick is to play each and every song in your collection in iTunes (with a bad album art) for a few seconds. Yes, it may turn out to be a time-consuming and lengthy process, but the only way to fix the issue. If you have a super-huge collection of songs, then God save you. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Fixing iPod’s messed up album art issue

  1. This person is a moron. The solution is to reset the ipod, delete all the music/media off iTunes (NOT the computer), and re-sync from scratch. If you have a bit collection, the suggestion will take you DAYS.

  2. @Pitou: not everyone traditionally sync their music collection. If you have an extremely assorted collection, then recollecting all your music files from all those hundred different sources in order to sync from scratch would take even a longer while. Besides, generally not all songs’ album art gets lost. So you can always filter those without-album-art songs in iTunes, and play only those.

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