Eleven Things to Note About Man of Steel

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1. Hank and Dusty were different dogs. Some people wondered why the name of Kents’ dog changed.

2. There was a truck repair shop called Sullivan’s; perhaps to honor the character of Chloe Sullivan in Smallville?

3. Amy Adams also appeared in a guest role in Smallville.

4. Henry Cavill looked like Tom Welling (Clark Kent in Smallville) in some poses.

5. Smallville water tank was shown in a fight scene, the only reference to the name of Superman’s childhood hometown.

6. Superman’s suit was from Krypton, that’s why it didn’t wear.

7. There was Dr. Emil Hamilton. Hamilton was an employee of the Queen Industries and a key figure in the the later seasons of Smallville.

8. We could see a LexCorp branded truck-trailer being thrown by Zod onto Superman. Lex Luther coming up in sequel?

9. Too fast paced. Could have (should have) split the story into 2 movies.

10. Zero chemistry between Lois and Clark.

11. Too much destruction. The Clark who rushed from nowhere to save falling unknowns didn’t care about destroying entire buildings full of people (we could easily see that not all buildings of Metropolis were evacuated).

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