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So, what’s keeping me busy these days? It’s office work, of course. Working on quite a challenging and bigger project has its side-effects as well (working till late and missing daily fruit juice doses in my case). Other than that, I am enjoying the work as it has to do with web development, my area of interest.

Being a strong advocate of open-source and Linux, I read a lot of articles on these topics daily. And I hate when people use words like “switch”, “migrate”, etc. when referring to making the move from Windows to Linux. Why do people, who try to compel people to switch from Windows to Linux, forget that there is always an option called “dualbooting” and that Windows still has the astronomically largest market share? I really hope people use the word “dualboot” more when advocating the use of Linux to others. By the way, I am also writing an article highlighting this matter (Why Switch? Dualboot!), which I intend to share pretty soon.

Talking about Linux, the latest Ubuntu release (10.4; Lucid Lynx) has been getting good reviews from all around. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it. I am planning to install it on my home PC (the one currently in use by my Dad and sister).

Also, two of my good friends, Chandan Puggal (working at Aricent) and Amritpal Singh (working at Accenture) recently joined me in Gurgaon (my present work location). 🙂

Finally, I did mention it earlier also, but it really is a frustrating life without a proper Internet connection. (Looking upward) God, please me my EV-DO back. Amen.

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  1. haha… Your ev-do. Poor bhaiya. 😛 You will get it soon.

  2. wallieAccenture is one of the worst companies to work for.They treat pepole shabbily, have a horrible work environment and don’t even use CRM or automated tools for marketing sales. Layoffs are done quietly and freshers are recruited just to show quarterly profit. Compared to competing IT services companies it is not even a 3rd tier player.They have zero IP, high attrition and very poor management. Many bosses are abusive and foul mouthed and the company seems completely focused on manpower selling. They don’t care if it’s software or hardware or cat food. They just want to sell manpower. Accenture also does not have any IP of its own and this is a big bottleneck as the company has no differentiating criteria other than cheap labour. Most of its products in services space are of the worst quality while its solutions expertise is again poor as the company frequently fails to execute solutions properly because of poor management, high attrition and poor skills. This is made worse by managers who don’t understand anything about technology.Can you imagine a company where sales guys submit one proposal, delivery is done in another way and after year 1 the account runs into loss? That is the normal life-cycle of Accenture’s projects. Most managers are just fooling around with Excel sheet fudged data and trying to show they are meeting their numbers. Even Large deals which Accenture has advertised as winning deals are loss making deals and have extremely thin margins. Many of Accenture’s key accounts are running into loss and the company routinely fires pepole to maintain a thin margin. This is the most pathetic way to grow the business or show fake profits.In reality the company suffers from huge overheads and there is an urgent need to make it a separate the company uses Accenture brand name to win deals and Screw customers.

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