Updating Fedora

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I’ve never really updated an entire OS in the strictest sense. When I say I have an up-to-date OS, that means I’ve all the major applications (mostly UI-based) in their latest versions. But this time I decided, having gotten back by beloved EV-DO, to go for a full OS update for my Fedora 11 (Leonidas). The command was as simple as:

yum update –skip-broken

Issuing the command showed there were approx. 1 GB worth of updates to be installed. But why think twice about the download size when you have an EV-DO with an unlimited data plan? Also, that gave me a reason to keep the EV-DO busy. I love downloading. I simple love it!

I’ll post some screenies of my updated Fedora as soon as it gets updated fully.

Update: Here is a screenshot of my updated desktop. Pretty, isn’t it? And reminiscent of my XP desktop a while back.

My updated Fedora 11
My updated Fedora 11

4 thoughts on “Updating Fedora

  1. What with unity linux and granular?

  2. Though Granular Project is on hold now, Unity is going good. The latest stable release (2010) is pretty solid. Give it a try. http://unity-linux.org

  3. nice blog roll no 3007 🙂

  4. @ashish rana
    Thanks Mr. Roll No. 3008. 🙂

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