Sugar-coated false promises

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Yesterday, I logged into my HDFC bank account and was greeted with this image. A personal loan to keep my festive spirit going. Wow, I thought. How conveniently do the fine folks at HDFC want to push their high-interest loans to unsuspecting folks in the name of extending the “festive spirit” disguised as help for day-to-day expenses? Do people actually fall for such traps?

Come for a loan to douse your craving for those four gadgets and appliances you could not get during festivals, and keep coming back from more loans once you’re addicted to it because of how damn convenient it is to get personal loans. Sure, I can understand HDFC’s lure of doling out money to unsuspecting folks who are still hungover from the recent festivities. But who are you kidding? Is it so hard for people to see what lies behind the trojan horse of a personal loan? I wonder…

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