The showroom effect

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When I buy new clothes or shoes, they look great at the shop. I don’t have this color, I often catch myself saying that. The person I see in the mirror is a new, confident me. Surely others will be pleasantly surprised to see me in a new style, a new color.

But things always change as soon as I get home. I inevitably question my choice the first time my new wearable is on me for more than 10 minutes.

“Gosh, this shirt doesn’t seem to go with my skin tone. And look at the godforsaken creases and wrinkles. Aaaa, they look permanent! I look like a buffoon. What were you thinking, you reckless imbecile? This is most definitely the wrong shade!”

Is it a thing? Or is it just me? Tell me in the comments.

Either way, my guess is that the perfect lighting in showrooms makes anything appear stellar on you. Yep, that’s my theory – the showroom effect.

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