What am I thinking?

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Now that I am free from all the MBA entrance tests I was preparing for, I am thinking a lot. Thinking of watching more movies per week, playing more games & reading more novels per day, and wasting more time per hour. Apart from that, I am working on a plan (read strategy) to get Granular back on track.

Notion Ink Adam
Around 2 weeks ago, the first tablet based in India was about to be released, and I was very excited about it. Talk about specs, and Notion Ink’s Adam beats the over-hyped iPad by miles; talk about its price (US Dollars), and it blows the iPad away. Even before the release, I was busy making plans on saving some hard-earned money to buy the sweet device. But when it was finally made available for pre-ordering, I was left a little disappointed, mainly due to its price. Being an Indian company, I was expecting prices to be much lower than what iPad costs in India. Well, to be honest, the prices were genuine, but what did the damage was the stupendous cost of shipping (a whopping $50!). I think I will wait for the official release, hoping the prices to come down then.

A glorified City 17?
In the morning, as part of my routine, I was “exploring” things when I found this (side picture), which reminded me of City 17, of the Half-Life video game series, as it would have been before destruction.

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2 thoughts on “What am I thinking?

  1. In continuation: "….And wasting some time on phone also.. .. Remembering some old faces also.. And celebrating Christmas with them also.. " …

  2. Woh toh hai. 🙂

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