The Christmas Pig — Book Review

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The Christmas Pig is a story of love and hope. I know that’s a pretty generic thing to say, but that’s what comes to mind the first thing after finishing it. JK Rowling tells the tale of a decent, mild-mannered little boy (Jack) who loses his favorite toy (on a Christmas eve!) during a time when he’s still coping with the separation of his parents. Told from a young boy’s perspective, it’s really a story of how far anyone with a strong enough conviction will go to rescue someone they hold dear.

The literary style employed by the author is simple and well-suited to young kids, the primary audience of this book. I loved how Rowling ditched her slightly intricate storytelling that she used extensively in her Harry Potter novels to make The Christmas Pig a quick and easy read, without making sacrifices in crucial areas such as character development. Jack’s eureka moments and complex feelings are so effortlessly expressed that I ended up highlighting all those sentences to hopefully learn from them the art of good storytelling.

Although had I received my pre-ordered copy in October, I reserved it until X’mas time for double the fun. And I’m glad I did that. Altogether, it came out as an enjoyable read during the most delightful season of the year.

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