Ep. 3: Building Crazy Fast Web Applications w/ Manish Shekhawat

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This episode is hosted by AnuRock. Today we are joined by Manish to talk about performance. Manish is a Senior Architect Experience Technology. He is currently part of a digital transformation project in retail domain for an Australian client through an omni-channel solution to improve time of market of features across brands and channels in both B2B and B2C market space.

He joins us to talk about performance, an often ignored topic in web development but one that has the potential to make or break your business.


  • Why is it important to make a website fast?
  • Business/revenue impact
  • User engagement/retention
  • Customer acquisition
  • Perceived vs. actual user experience
  • Google WebVitals
  • How does one make their website fast?
  • Culture, mindset, shift-left
  • Platform/framework level optimizations
  • JS/CSS/Markup optimization
  • Third parties
  • Framework specific Issues and optimization – React, routing etc.
  • Server side improvement during SSR
  • Caching Strategies – redis, node in-memory
  • CDN
  • Tools to measure performance: Lighthouse, WebPageTest, JMeter/Load Runner, Gatling
  • Important metrics: LCP, TBT, CLS
  • Lab vs. field data testing
  • Reference web applications

Side Bytes:

  • What the Buddha Taught (a book by Walpola Rahula Thero)
  • The Psychology of Money (a book by Morgan Housel)
  • Family Man (web series)
  • Sport season (Euro Cup, French Open, Wimbledon)
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