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Something interesting is coming. I’ve been working on an unorthodox method of learning developery stuff – languages, frameworks, libraries quickly and productively. The first step in that direction is to set up a video platform for content delivery and a basic companion website. Today morning I bought the domain I’ve been using the “anurock” pseudonym for a while now on Twitter, Github, podcasts, etc. It just made sense to go with the name for the upcoming project.

What’s anurock, you ask? It’s an easy way to pronounce my name. When I was in the US in 2016, I discovered that a lot of people found it difficult to pronounce my name. One fine afternoon, during our visit to a friend’s home in Minntonka I met with his father-in-law. A funny, easy-going fellow. It was he who gave me this name. And it stuck!

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