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Since I landed in Bangalore, my schedule has been extremely busy. Yeah, I had heard in the past that the training period in an IT company, especially Accenture, is very tough, I am experiencing it only now. I have yet to take out some time to go out and explore that grand city that is Bangalore. Most of my time everyday is spent preparing for in-training tests. But anyway, the first phase of my training ends today, the last test of first phase being on 28th Sept.

A ray of hope in my frustrating daily schedule has to be me getting .NET stream, that is, I would be doing my second (and final) phase of training on Microsoft .NET technologies, and eventually be getting projects based on it. I am curious to begin my stream training, more because my stream is more web-development oriented (yippie!). By the way, it would be ASP.NET + C#.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to keep my blog as updated as possible.

I should have mentioned this earlier here — I switched to Java competency about a year ago. So I work on both Java and .NET assignments in my project now.

68 thoughts on “.NET at Accenture

  1. sir please help me to train in .net..now i am in bangalore and i am very frosteted because no institute can provide the course properly.so sry to ping you and disturb you .if u ll do send me your no then i ll contact you soon for a training ..
    regards…again i write my mail id saileshmund90@gmail.com

  2. How many months it takes to complete gft training?? there?

  3. @Divya – Usually 2 months.

  4. hi nowadays i am going through GFT and will be having the exam soon, can you mail me the sample questions or papers if u have any?

  5. Hi Anurag

    I got placed in Accenture recently for asp.net technology with an exp of 2.7 years in TCS.
    Is there any onsite opportunity in Accenture in Bangalore location ?
    And what kind of project will i get into ,, any idea?

  6. hi Anurag

    my joining with Accenture is on 12 th march.. they are proving me accommodation for 14 days..
    my technology is asp.net with 2.7 yrs of experience , can u pls tell me probable locations in bangalore where i can get .net projects

  7. i want to pursue higher education mtech but i have an oppurtunity in accenture as ase .
    what will be the wise decision to take at this point?

  8. @Rajendra – I think that’s entirely your decision, based on what matters to you the most. If it’s package, doing M.Tech from a reputed college makes sense. Otherwise, there’s not much difference in the initial package offered to B.Techs and M.Techs (from okay college).

  9. Hi Anurag ,
    Can you share the dumps of .net stream training as i am new joiner and had stream test on 10 may 2015

  10. Hey..i heard that accenture gft training is too hard..even many get terminated during training..is it so..?
    I am going to join accenture bangalore in few weeks..so can u provide some tips and hints how to attain cutoff during training?

  11. @anita – Accenture GFT training is not too hard but not too easy either. If you attend all classes during the training attentively, you’ll be able to clear the training with flying colors. There’s no requirement for homework before that.

  12. okk..thnks anurag 🙂

  13. Got ASP.NET as my domain……….Wots ur xprnc with that?,….. 🙂

  14. which type of cource learn in gft??.

  15. sir,
    i got selected in campus drive.
    i received offer letter in january but still i didnot received my cal letter.
    my i know when they wil send doj

  16. Hi Anurag,

    As my brother got selected in Accenture Mumbai and he is having a stream test on next weak. Can you share the dumps of .net stream training for him. Because he is new for .net.

    Thanks in advance.

    Please reach out to me for any clarification.

  17. Sir, i got placed in Accenture and got joining letter. Can anyone please tell me about the fundamental tests conducted mainly coding. And also about the stream training like what are the topics and the test pattern how it is conducted. It will be very helpful for me. Hoping to hear from you soon

    Thank you

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