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Since I landed in Bangalore, my schedule has been extremely busy. Yeah, I had heard in the past that the training period in an IT company, especially Accenture, is very tough, I am experiencing it only now. I have yet to take out some time to go out and explore that grand city that is Bangalore. Most of my time everyday is spent preparing for in-training tests. But anyway, the first phase of my training ends today, the last test of first phase being on 28th Sept.

A ray of hope in my frustrating daily schedule has to be me getting .NET stream, that is, I would be doing my second (and final) phase of training on Microsoft .NET technologies, and eventually be getting projects based on it. I am curious to begin my stream training, more because my stream is more web-development oriented (yippie!). By the way, it would be ASP.NET + C#.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to keep my blog as updated as possible.

I should have mentioned this earlier here — I switched to Java competency about a year ago. So I work on both Java and .NET assignments in my project now.

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  1. Hey, even i’d be joining accenture soon … can you tell me what to expect as you land in bangalore? accommodation? etc? and what about the place where you will be placed? and how long is the training period?

  2. and yeah they pay you to travel to bang? or you’ve to arrange your own accommodation?

  3. Maaz,

    If you are a campus hire (recruited from college), Accenture will provide you with accommodation for a first few days (usually 10-14 days), after which you’ll have to find your own, which in turn should not be difficult as Bangalore is full of PGs and flats.

    As for travel expense, they usually reimburse your expenses subject to conditions in your offer letter. The training is around 2-3 months long.

  4. Hi, I got placed in Accenture last month from my university and I have to do internship from January 2012. So, Can you please tell me what programming languages should I develop to work in Accenture? What kind of tests are taken while doing the internship?

  5. @Md Munna
    First off, congrats :). I don’t think they take any tests during internship. An internship is meant to be a learning experience. So, chill. 😀

  6. Dude ,what was taught in .net training and what sort of projects are you currrently working on.I ask because i was told .net today at accenture….

  7. and good blog by the way 🙂

  8. @Sampath
    During your .NET training, you’ll essentially be taught C# in .NET 2.0, just enough basics to get you going. The course will conclude with a project in ASP.NET, and the exit test.

  9. Thanks Anurag………what are you doing now in accenture…benched or in a project. Do you have .Net dumps? If so please paste the link here. Is it true that .Net training is very tough…..is it true many fail in it?Once again thanks for replying.

  10. @sampath
    I don’t have the dumps right now; perhaps you can ask your immediate seniors for that. Also, don’t worry about getting pass or fail. Just concentrate on your studying, and you’ll surely clear it. 🙂

  11. ok thanks. by the way, what are you working on? How cool are .net projects?

  12. Hello I have cleared all the .net tests and now am in bench so is there projects available now and can i get positng in banglore right now am in chennai. any idea??

  13. Bharath, you should get in touch with your HR regarding the possibility of getting a bench-to-bench transfer to Bangalore. Usually that involves raising a user initiated transfer request if the HR agrees. Regarding getting into projects, you will start getting calls from projects in Chennai (and perhaps other locations like Bangalore) pretty soon. 🙂

  14. It shouldn’t make a bad impression as long as you are able to justify a valid reason for transfer.

  15. Thanks a lot.But is it a good thing to ask HR to transfer me to Bangalore bench ??
    will it create any bad impression??

  16. Hmm fine Can you let me know if there is any opening for .NET ASE in Bangalore??
    and is it necessary to finish certifications while we are at bench??

  17. anurag i want to know the criteria to select in accenture wheather it is campus placement or off campus

  18. and now i am doing the training on .net from cmc(partner pf tata enterprises) so it would be benificial for me

  19. @Narendra
    Accenture recruitment criteria includes both on-campus and off-campus. But they maintain a specific list of colleges for campus recruitment. You could talk to your college/university’s placement cell if Accenture has a MoU signed with them.

    If you have already graduated from college, you could look out for any walk-in events happening in or near your city of residence. Walk-in events for freshers and laterals are common in Bangalore and Mumbai.

    Also, keep an eye on Accenture India’s Twitter page for updates on new job openings – https://twitter.com/AccentureIndia. You could even contact them on Twitter asking about details on getting a job at Accenture.

  20. hi.. im gng to join n accenture on feb 6th.. As im frm electrical stream im not good at programming.. will it be tuf for me to clear training test? what all things i need to learn for clearing test?..

  21. @vaishnavi: Nothing is tough. They’ll teach you everything from scratch during training. Still if you want to be prepared in advance, read Balaguruswami for C/C++, and study basic SQL and testing concepts from online websites. All the best.

  22. thank you so much sir 🙂 🙂

  23. Hi….

    I joined Accenture, Bangalore as an intern and was allocated the Testing stream randomly.

    Please let me know how is Testing stream, the salary, whether it is possible to shift to Java or SAP. Are there any opportunities of going abroad?

    Will I be made to continue in Testing stream? How are is the workload?

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Jincy Mathew

  24. @Jincy Mathew:
    Congrats on joining Accenture. 🙂

    I’m not sure what is the stipend that is given to interns, but the base package for a fresher joinee is around Rs. 3.5 lakhs.

    You can switch between streams after 18 months of joining Accenture. So with some cross-stream training in Java or SAP, you can make the switch.

    There always are on-site opportunities in client projects, so don’t worry about that. The workload varies from project-to-project and from role-to-role.

  25. As of now Wat is the scope of .net in accenture… i am going to finish my stream training in tat n like to know if there are any projects available on that.

  26. accenture conducted on campus drive in my clz last month.i cleared 3 rounds nd waiting for final interview. when will accenture send interview call letter,how is interview for freshers.

  27. Hi,

    I am 2.7 years .Net Developer in IBM.I got an offer from Robert Bosch(Automotive) as well as Accenture in WPF, Windows Application.

    Bosch paying :5.5lpa + food (No variable)- Senior Engg
    Accenture paying: 6.1lpa(5.2 fixed + 92k var).- Software Engg

    Please guide soon..

  28. @Rushi: To me, the Accenture offer seems better. It has an added advantage of remaining in the same industry (IT). What’s the location offered to you?

  29. hello anurag sir,
    i have just completed my final term examination of engg..from cse stream.
    havent got placed anywhere due lack of activeness of my clg plcment shell.learning .net from a coaching centre.wanna work in accenture waht to do…
    my results are as follows:
    10th(jac) 65%
    12th(jac) 52%
    b.tech(cse) 8.0%

    please guide me sir how to get placed in accenture..for that i will be thankful and grateful to u always sir….waiting for ur reply…please dont ignore sir…please reply..
    my email id- bipinsingh24u@gmail.com

    mob no.-+91-8873253524

  30. My location is Bangalore for both.Why did u suggest Accenture? They do have a very high variable pay..
    Moreover , I heard in Accenture, If you happen to be in bench then they force you to relocate.I heard Bosch has good onsite opportunities and as my domain is electronics, business side i would have an added advantage in Bosch.
    Pls advise

  31. @Rushi:
    I suggested Accenture because of its better salary package and my assumption that you are from computer background. If that’s not the case, it’s always better to opt for core company :-). But if onsite opportunity is what you are looking for, Accenture is pretty good on that.

  32. Thanks Anurag.My graduation is in Electronics but i work as a .Net developer in IBM.
    As Accenture is gvng me Software Engg position.When can I expect my next promotion there?
    In terms of Microsoft .Net., hows the projects over there.
    What is you experience with Accenture, are u satisfied totally?

  33. @Rushi
    Getting from SE to SSE generally takes at least 1.5 to 2 years, depending on your performance rating. It’s been more than 3.5 years since I joined Accenture. I have mixed feelings so far.

  34. got .net training i m not good at oops will i pass

  35. Hi Anurag,

    I am going through the interview process for Accenture. My total experience is 3.7 years. And currently I am working in Infosys as Senior Systems Engineer. I want a friendly suggestion from you on the package Accenture gives at this level of experience or what I can expect from them. Also in which designation I will be suitable keeping in mind the next promotion to take at least 2 years of time. Please suggest.

  36. Recently i got selected in accenture through campus drive. I just want to know that during training period will they allow to take any leave, since my sister marriage is there it is very much necessary to me to attain that.

  37. @Surendra: I don’t think so. But you can write to your HR now to ask for a deferred joining, citing your reasons for the same. I’m sure they’d understand and let you join on a later date.

  38. hi,

    what will be the pay in accenture during training period..

  39. Hi
    Am selected through campus recruitment in Accenture for Associate Software Engineer on August 2013. Sir, usually when will dey call us? After how many days or months?

  40. @Sherin: Accenture sends joining letters for dates generally 2-3 months after your graduation.

  41. Thanks a lot sir for ur reply…

  42. Rushi:

    What’s the scope of .Net in Accenture?

    Shall I expect more projects in this technology?


  43. @Bala – .NET remains an integral part of Accenture/Avanade. It’s like an evergreen skill at Accenture that shall forever have a lot of projects.

  44. i got selected in accenture(offcampus through amcat) on 18th oct when will i get my offer letter?? whether they will provide accomodation for training becoz i hav to search for hostels and all that plz help me..

  45. @Gowthami — you’ll shortly receive mails from Accenture’s HR department regarding all these details. I personally cannot predict when you would get your offer letter or whether accommodation would be part it. But usually, ACN does take care of all these things for freshers.

  46. hi i got selected in accenture may be in next week i may get doj also but i am poor in learning so please guide me what should i had to learn before entering into the company so that i would clear all my training tests like GFT etc and also who had previous papers of GFT or Training test papers plz send me
    thank you in advance

  47. @Salma – you can work on brushing up general computer skills, such as C/C++, databases, and testing.

  48. Sir, I dont want a career in Testing background and i am a ECE graduate currently having an offer from accenture…can i switch to development domain if m assigned a testing role

  49. @Shiv – yes, you can. Through a process called cross-skill training. In case you’re allotted a skill that is not of your choice, talk to your HR representative and initiate cross-skill training process. Usually there’s an 18-month min time limit to apply for the same, but I have seen some people getting cross-trained before that.

    All the best.

  50. Thank you very much sir, m now much relieved… i can join as an ASE …:)

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