Say yes now and figure it out later

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Those are not my words but Richard Branson’s. I’ll admit it’s quite bold, even brash sometimes. In the ReThinking podcast episode Richard Branson on saying yes now and figuring it out later, Branson talked about how he would often say yes to interesting ideas despite not knowing how to do it, despite being unqualified for the job. But after doing it more than a few times, he knew it was possible to learn on the job and that most things could be learned within two months in the field.

I think experience is key here. Doing so requires having tried totally new things multiple times (and probably a certain degree of financial freedom?). But you start somewhere, right? That’s where, my reader friend, a passion for learning things comes in handy. If you are not shy of learning and will go to new embarrassing heights just for the sake of learning, taking such leaps of faith becomes easier. And if you have been learning new stuff for quite some time, you have obviously developed your methods and system to pick up even more new things quickly and efficiently.

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