Standing in the balcony

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What a bright, sunny winter morning! My watch tells me it is eight degrees outside. Yet, the glow of the sun touches my cold face with a soft warmth that teases my senses.

Standing in the balcony facing east, looking out at the open, lush-green fields of wheat in the backdrop of the majestic Aravali range, I cannot stop but wonder that last year around the same time I stood here not in serenity but fraught with anxiety. I was resolving conflicts in my team, managing exits, bandaging hurt motivations, juggling through half-a-dozen meetings, and generally working my ass off.

Today, my work schedule is much more relaxed. I work in my own time. I pursue long-stalled hobbies. I am more present for my family. I even find time for my custom-designed productivity experiments almost daily. I feel in control of my day.

Standing in the east-facing balcony has never felt better.

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  1. I have been following you since 4th year of my B.Tech and I always learn new things from you.

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