The Silent Patient — Book Review

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Cross-posted from Goodreads.

I am not big time into murder mysteries. But when I saw this on Goodread’s 2019 best books list, I instantly added it to my to-reads. I’m glad I did that!

The author employs a simple writing style, not unlike one usually found on long-form blog posts. When readability becomes easy, the focus then shifts to the story and character development, which are nicely done. The story seems simple enough until new pieces of evidence are brought to light through the protagonist’s investigative adventures.

In my initial couple of reading sessions, something told me the narration might be modeled on The Murder of Roger Ackroyd perhaps because I had read at some places about the “big” surprise ending. That turned out to be true! Readers of the above Agatha Christie novel will get what I mean 😉

Without revealing too much, I’ll end my review by saying it’s a must-read for fans of contemporary thrillers, especially psychological thrillers.

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