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Here’s the fast, beautiful thing on my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop. 🙂

The Neat & Clean Desktop
The Neat & Clean Desktop
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Desktop & Stuff

6 thoughts on “Mint 13 Screenies

  1. This is nice. I want this to!

  2. Download the ISO from their site, and make sure you also have VirtualClone drive installed. When downloaded, double-click the ISO file and you’ll get the option to install it in Windows itself! The safest and quickest way to install, that is. 🙂

  3. What are you using to open DOCX on Linux? That doesn’t look like an OpenOffice.

    How compatible is that to actual Microsoft Office for Windows?

  4. @Eng Lee
    It is OpenOffice. The docx compatibility is not 100%, but it’s pretty much bearable.

  5. hi

    thanks for this (brief !) info

    i am about to install a debian (do not know wich flavor, mb ubuntu, mb mint,
    mb bodhilinux) on a dell inspiron 6400 and i was wondering how safe it will be to delete the dell partition and the recovery partition
    i have by now :
    90 mb fat 16 dell partition (utilities)
    11 Gb ntfs recovery partition
    99 Gb ntfs “system” partition
    2 Gb extended partition with a weird “mediadirect” thing

    i am up to change this to :
    11 Gb root linux partition
    50 Gb windows partition
    remainder will be 2 Gb swap, and around 50 Gb linux home

    i would be pleased to hear your advice/recommendations !


  6. apog,

    It’s safe to delete those “extra” partitions on your Inspiron 6400. As a matter of fact, I too got rid of the recovery partition early on. But I kept the mediadirect partition for the mediadirect app that the lappy comes with, but it’s your choice to keep it or not.

    I like your new partition scheme. As an advice, use a Linux partition manager to manage partitions. For example, I can see you want to shrink the Windows partition by half and use the freed space to create a new partition. These sort of operations can be achieved using Window’s Partition Manager, but Linux may not be able to recognize those. Your best bet would be gParted, that could be easily found on Mint/Ubuntu/Debian live cds. 🙂

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