Raspberry Pi looks delicious

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Raspberry Pi
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

A geeky thing for the geeks, but generally touted as an educational device – that’s what Raspberry Pi (wiki) is in simplest words. It has pretty much the same hardware configuration as did my first PC. And now that it’s finally out in the wild, it’s perhaps every geek’s dream to extract the hell of the maximum juice out of it. Engadget came up with a nice article about putting the thing to good use: housing a Linux distro! And that too a GUI one (LXDE)! Now that really got me drooling. If I could get my hands on this cheap sweety (just $25!), the first thing I’ll do is… install Linux, what else. 🙂

Raspbian running on Raspberry Pi. Photo Credit: Engadget

4 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi looks delicious

  1. Got my hands on one. Though it’s working don’t expect everything to be smooth. With an ARM 700 MHz processor, they say it will be like a Pentium II.

    Tested Raspbmc, not very smooth as a media player. Next I’ll try Raspbian to see if it’s usable for casual web browsing. I was told HTML5 is not supported at of now.

  2. Interesting. Let me know how your Raspbian experience goes. It has Midori as the default web browser, but should probably be able to install Firefox for HTML5 experience. 🙂

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  4. Wish they made some of the projects easier, I found a nice list a while ago that involved using garage doors and stuff. Need more practical projects.

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