Ep. 5: Micro Frontends Architecture in Practice Pt. 2 w/ Rakesh Menon & Gautam Chadha

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This is the second part of a two-part series.

This episode is hosted by AnuRock. In the last episode we were joined by Rakesh and Gautam to talk about micro frontends. We discussed the origins of micro frontends and dissected its various integration approaches. Today we will continue our discussion with Rakesh and Gautam.


  • Micro frontends as default for all modern web projects?
  • Micro frontends decision framework by Luca Mezzalira 
  • Horizontal vs vertical splitting
  • Communication between micro frontends
  • Pitfalls of using micro frontends
  • Monorepos
  • Sparse checkout
  • Tools to manage micro frontends: Nx, Lerna, Yarn Workspaces, Gitlab
  • Jade
  • Libraries for micro frontends: Webpack 5, Piral, AWS Serverless Micro Frontends@Edge
  • Special advice

Quick Snip:

Microservices with Nest.js (by Prashi Kapoor)

Side Bytes:

  • Masala Labs (a book on culinary skills)
  • Model-based testing
  • The Code Breaker (a book by Walter Isaacson)
  • Blockchain Revolution (a book by Tapscott brothers)
  • Luca (a movie by Pixar)

Transition music courtesy https://mixkit.co

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